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  • The Art of Twining

    The Art of Twining

    Great web design is not just what you see on your screen.  Clean standards compliant code is as important as an eye catching and engaging visual presentation.  When these elements are integrated seamlessly a site is more than the sum of it’s parts...  It’s beautiful.  Close collaboration between programmers and designers to craft both the ‘front end’ and ‘back end’ of a site — that’s what we call Twining.

  • Foundation


    Gone are the days when a simple display of static HTML ruled supreme — today people expect their websites to be applications that deliver dynamic content, interact with visitors, and provide a strong set of administrative functions...  All on a budget!  Twiners works with customizing and extending open source applications such as Blogs, Newsletters, Bulletin Boards, and Content Management Systems.
  • Code


    Programming for the web requires flexibility and breadth of knowledge.  We work with ActionScript, PHP, MySQL, Java, Javascript, JSP and dozens of popular APIs to produce state of the art websites.  Effective coding for the web is about more than buzzwords, however.  It’s also about knowing the ins and outs of strong object oriented design patterns.
  • Design


    We try to approach every website we produce as though it’s our first — with fresh, current ideas for display and interaction.  We work closely with our clients to ensure that the look and feel of the web sites we produce offers them a voice and establishes a web presence that they can be proud of.
  • Relationships


    We have ongoing relationships with our clients to help with site maintenance and expanding their web presence, whether it’s integrating a shopping cart, working to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), producing fresh artwork and graphical assets, producing banners ads, or even working in an advisory capacity for your IT needs.
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Client Testimony

I Can't Recommend Twiners Highly Enough

You only get one chance to make a first impression and in today’s “connected” world that first impression is likely to take place while you’re sleeping, via your companies website.  I can sleep easier knowing that Twiners is putting our best face on for the rest of the world...

— Tony Goetz, Owner
The Casitas of Arroyo Grande
Arthur and Eric are gems!

They came up with a simple and stylish and all inclusive website — and it’s easy enough for even a Philistine like me to navigate!  They were a pleasure to work with and the results far exceeded my expectations.

— Jillian Lauren

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About Us

Twiners LLC is a one-stop web design and programming company creating seamless solutions for a wide variety of clients ranging from artists to small businesses looking to promote their work or increase online sales.

Twiners provides an integral approach to web design. Our design and programming efforts are done side-by-side to offer clean, attractive, well architected sites that comply with web standards and have a fresh, custom look.

Sports Fishing Fati
Sport Fishing Fati
A simple CMS based design for a sports fishing outfit in the San Jose del Cabo area. They specialize in sport fishing, whale watching, and snorkeling trips.